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World’s thinnest watch

February 26, 2010


Briefly: At 5.25mm, the thinnest watch from Piaget

Piaget’s latest, Altiplano 43mm “anniversary edition”–Calibre 1200P and Altiplano 43 mm – Calibre 1208P are thinnest watch: their thickness 5.25 mm. It displays only essentials: hours and minutes. Both will be issued in two anniversary editions: one in 18-carat pink gold and the other in 18-carat white gold, each issued in series of 235 – a symbolic number echoing the movement’s record slimness: 2.35 mm. The individual number is engraved on the oscillating weight of each movement.

Altiplano 43 mm “anniversary edition” – Calibre 1200P

calibre 1200 anniversary edition

Whereas the gear trains of a classic movement usually measure around 0.2 mm, those of the 1200P are just 0.12 mm thick, which is scarcely more than a hair’s breadth (0.08 mm). It also has a balance with low inertia (2.90 mg.cm2), a frequency of 21,600 vph and an approximately 40-hour power reserve. Engraved with the inscription “1200P”, the case provides the perfect receptacle for the movement specifically made for the other. The glass is deliberately flat rather than convex in order to accentuate the slimness of the case. The various dial levels further reduces the thickness of the watch while limiting hand-setting heights. The case in 18-carat pink gold matched with a midnight blue dial, or in 18-carat white gold framing a black dial, is equipped with a transparent case-back enabling one to admire the movement and the crown bearing the “P” for Piaget. A pin buckle reflecting the aesthetic of the bezel complements the watch.

Altiplano 43 mm – Calibre 1208P

piaget calibre 1208P

The Altiplano 43 mm Calibre 1208P model’s oscillating weight is crafted from 22-carat gold, while a small seconds display at 4 o’clock enlivens the dial and makes the record 2.35 mm slimness of Calibre 1208P even more remarkable. Piaget sets two new records: that of the thinnest mechanical self-winding movement on the market at 2.35 mm; and that of the thinnest watch in its category, measuring a mere 5.25 mm.

Bugatti Tourbillon Concept

February 25, 2010

bugatti watch tourbillon

Briefly:   A watch which can be worn and how it can always be kept close by, in all of life’s situations

An absolute world first, the Bugatti watch would completely transform the way the mechanical watch is perceived, starting a new Parmigiani collection whose sole aim would be to break the rule book. The starting point for a real adventure in technology, the Parmigiani Fleurier and Bugatti names were brought together in 2001 and they decided to defy the laws of mechanics in their respective domains by setting themselves a unique challenge. The fastest and the costliest car in the world and the first transverse watch movement were the result of this historic challenge.

bugatti galibier4

Designing the Bugatti Tourbillon Concept Parmigiani watchmakers faced the challenge relating to how the timekeeper is worn and how it can always be kept close by, in all of life’s situations. Now it’s for the world to see. With the greatest of ease, it can be adapted for use either on the instrument panel of the new Bugatti car, as a wristwatch worn by the owner, a pocket watch for more discretion, or a table clock to mark the most private hours spent at home.

Figure 1: The removable case middle can be positioned or removed with a single action. Integrated into the instrument panel, the support, which was custom-designed by the Bugatti engineers, provides the perfect housing for the timepiece. Its retractable system allows the support to be pivoted over 180° once the engine has been started.  This accesses the pocket into which the case middle must be fixed. At will, and when circumstances require, the driver can conceal the Parmigiani timepiece underneath the instrument panel.

Figure 2: Sheathed in barenia calfskin, the system the watch uses is based on the idea of a bonnet opening to reveal its mechanical marvels. By simply pressing the two push-pieces positioned on the lower lug, the bezel lifts to allow the watch middle to sit on the case back. Once the bezel is folded down, the Bugatti tourbillon wristwatch is complete.

Figure 3: The Bugatti watch is transformed into a pocket watch. The solid 18-carat gold pocket, extended by a chain, houses the middle which sits naturally inside. The sporty design of the Bugatti is turned into a great watchmaking classic.

Figure 4: For the fourth style option, Parmigiani has designed a table clock in which the middle can be housed. With an unrivalled autonomy of 7 days, the Parmigiani Bugatti Tourbillon mechanism will be automatically wound once it is placed in its elegant housing. Integrated into the clock, an ingenious system will regularly wind the

Harry Winston’s Talk to Me new

February 25, 2010

talk to me 5th dial


Briefly: New addition to Harry Winston’s Talk to Me collection

Harry Winston introduces two new fascinating dials for its Talk to Me watch for women. With the introduction of two new dials – the Talk To Me Snowflake Dial and the Talk To Me 5th Dial the collection becomes even more exquisite. The Snowflake Dial has a Black Mother of Pearl Dial, set with 111 diamonds and comes with a black satin strap while the 5th Dial has a White Mother of Pearl Dial set with one diamond and comes with a white satin strap. Sculptural and elegant, the sophisticated oval-shaped case is slightly contoured to comfortably fit a woman’s wrist.

Price: On request

Available at Harry Winston Boutique, #244,  DLF Emporio, New Delhi.

Ph: +91 11 4660 90 90.

Montblanc’s Metamorphosis

February 23, 2010

Tags: Choreography of the two-faced Montblanc Metamorphosis is so new and innovative that it has been patented

A watch with different functions distributed across two dials is not novel per se, but the way in which Montblanc Metamorphosis transforms itself has never been witnessed before. By moving a slide down or up, this timepiece changes from a wristwatch with hour, minute, second display to a chronograph and vice versa. To achieve this metamorphosis in a purely mechanical manner, the two creators Johnny Girardin and Franck Orny use their skills as watchmakers borrowing methods from the art of automatons construction. As a prefect blend of tradition and innovation, the revolutionary transformation mechanism is based on the magnificent, hand crafted chronographe caliberMBM16.29. Only 28 pieces of the Montblanc Metamorphosis will be manufactured. The moment its wearer triggers it to begin its transformation, plenty of action gets underway in the Metamorphosis. The mechanisms that perform this choreography are so new and innovative that they’ve been registered for patent protection. They combine to form an organism of wheels and pinions with a built-in metamorphic function; they power the cams that guide the process; they alternately open and close ten thin lamellar wings to reveal and conceal the “stage”; they regulate the speed of the transformative events; and they stop all the components after the completion of the metamorphosis. All this occurs in a 4.3 mm-slim subassembly consisting of 80 individual parts.

montblanc's metamorphosis

After its metamorphosis, this masterpiece of mechanical timekeeping presents a countenance devoted entirely to the chronograph function. The face for displaying civil time had a rather conservatively elegant appearance with Roman numerals and a classical black-and-silver color scheme; but after transformation, the chronograph’s dial relies on Arabic numbers and red accents to emphasize the sportily technical aspect of an instrument that’s built to tally short intervals of time. The hours are shown on a subdial at 12 o’clock such as before and the retrograde minutes are still shown from the centre.

Titan Offerings

February 20, 2010

Tags: Titan watches beginning with Rs 3k to Rs110k

titan purple

Recently I happened to visit a World of Titan boutique and was taken in by the charm of these watches. Brief on the watches I liked.

Titan Purple

Titan Watches launched their Titan Purple Watches on the occasion of Valentine Day. Embedded with Swarovski crystals on the dial and an adorable dangling heart, these contemporary yet feminine and romantic watches not only match the mood for Valentine’s Day but they also serve as a beautiful expression of your unique style statement. Titan Purple collection is available in steel, rose gold and leather straps in red and pink. Priced between Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 5,000.

Titan Automatic

titan automatic

Titan Automatic is the style accessory for the contemporary and discerning watch connoisseur. The beauty of an automatic watch is that it ticks the way a human heart does. It has elaborate hand crafted movements inside the watch, which can be seen through, cut outs on the dials and a transparent back cover to enable seeing the movement of precision parts inside. Made from surgical grade stainless steel, with genuine leather straps this collection is loaded with features like chronograph, retrograde, dual time, multi-function, and power indicator that will add a lot more excitement to one’s wardrobe.

Titan Automatic with 13 styles is a premium collection that has been intricately crafted to bring together technology and aesthetics. Priced between Rs. 7995 to Rs.15, 995.

Raga Flora

titan raga flora

An exquisite new collection of watches from Titan Raga Flora is inspired by exotic flowers, the forms stylish and contemporary. The unmistakable flower forms take a new dimension with studded crystals. This Raga Flora collection is present in more than 11 styles and 56 different variants and represents the beauty, sensuality and femininity of today’s woman. Priced between Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 8,000.

nebula athenia

Titan Nebula Athenia Dorian (for men)

Inspired by the Greek stadium architecture of The Asklepios at Epidaurus, the Nebula Athenia Dorian is truly a collector’s item, which conjures up the iconic design and grandiose magnificence. The 18K Solid Gold watch comes with dazzling diamonds studded all around the Mother of Pearl dial, leaving a quarter of space to engrave the complete mesmerizing look of ancient Greek Stadiums magnificently in the watch. The specially designed Gold Crown carries the concentric circle form the dial appliqués. A Scratch resistant Sapphire crystal glass completes this watch and makes this masterpiece an invaluable heirloom. Price: Rs. 98,000.

Titan Nebula Athenia Grecia (for women)

nebula athenia grecia

Inspired by the magnificent Greek craftsmanship, the Nebula Athenia Grecia gold watch for women is a flawless creation and promises to enhance the goddess in you. Stunningly crafted in 18K Solid Gold, the Gold links have sparkling delicate diamonds studded in a paisley twirl making this a timepiece jewel in its own way. The exotic Mother of pearl dial continues to carry the same paisley twirl form adding an extra feminine charisma to this spectacular watch. Crafted with the tradition of precision and design brilliance this elegant timepiece just has what it takes to cast a spell. Watch or an exquisite piece of jewellery, you decide. Price Rs.1, 10,000

Titan watches available at all World of Titan showrooms at Mumbai’s  Colaba (65023928, 22882872, Khar (26461620), leading multi-brand outlets and department stores in India

Watch Glossary E-T

February 19, 2010

Tags: Know watches. Get conversant with watch terms from Escapement to Tourbillon

Escapement: Set of parts (escape wheel, lever, roller), which converts the rotary motion of the train into to-and-fro motion (the balance).

Jumping Hour: System of timekeeping whereby traditional hands show the seconds and minutes but the hour is shown in a dial cutout (often at 12), on the minute’s hand reaching 59 minutes, the hour disc under the dial will jump to the next hour.

Manufacture d’horlogerie: French term for a watch factory which itself produces the components (particularly the “ébauches”) needed for the manufacture of its products (watches, alarm and desk clocks, etc).

Marine Chronometer: Highly accurate mechanical or electronic timekeeper enclosed in a box, used for determining the longitude on board ship. Marine chronometers with mechanical movements are mounted on gimbals so that they remain in the horizontal position is necessary for their precision.

Movement: Assembly consisting of the principal elements and mechanisms of a watch or clock: the winding and setting mechanism, the mainspring, the train, the escapement, the regulating elements. “Anatomically”, the movement consists of the “ébauche”, the regulating elements and the other components.

Power Reserve: In its purest sense, used to refer to how long a watch will run once fully wound. Thus a watch with a power reserve of 48 hours should run for that period. Often used to describe a watch that has a power reserve indicator on the dial (usually a small pointer hand and a relevant scale).

Repeater: Watch that strikes the hours by means of a mechanism operated by a push-piece or bolt.

Skeleton Watch: Watch in which the case and various parts of the movement are of transparent material, enabling the main parts of the watch to be seen.

Stopwatch:Timekeeping instrument that can be used for measuring intervals of time.

Tachometer: Instrument for measuring speed. In watchmaking, a timer or chronograph with a graduated dial on which speed can be read off in kilometres per hour or some other unit (see timer).

Tourbillon: (pronounced turbion) Device invented to eliminate errors of rate in the vertical positions. It consists of a mobile carriage or cage carrying all the parts of the escapement, with the balance in the centre. The escape pinion turns about the fixed fourth wheel. The case makes one revolution per minute, thus annulling errors of rate in the vertical positions.

Courtesy Illustrated Professional Dictionary of Horology and Federation of Swiss Watch Industry

IWC’s Yacht Club Chrono

February 18, 2010

portuguese yacht club chrono

Tags: IWC’s Portuguese Yacht Club Chronograph

Unveiled at SIHH (Salon International Haute Horologerie) 2010, Geneva the Portuguese Yacht Club Chronograph is an elegant sports watch which also is a nautical precision instrument A reliable timepiece whose functionality is beyond reproach and in which every detail, however minor, has been optimized, the Portuguese Yacht Club Chronograph from IWC is water-resistant to 6 bar and is equipped with a screw-in crown and a crown protection. Its chronograph permits the recording of aggregate times of up to 12 hours on the common counter for the minutes and hours and can be reset to zero via the fly back function at any time while running, so that it is instantly ready to start measuring a new time. There are many ways of measuring longstop times. Yet none are as convenient and unambiguous as those provided by the analogue display of the 89360 calibre: these can be read like a normal time display. In addition, the movement with its integral chronograph is designed in such a way that the measurement of even long stop times does not lead to fluctuations in amplitude and associated inaccuracy. The signal red centre stopwatch hand in effect also plays a central role. Together with the supplementary flange for seconds and fractions of a second, it allows extremely accurate short-interval timing. In terms of functionality, the dial appeals with its clear railway track-style chapter ring and – for the first time in the Portuguese family – with luminescent indices and hands. It also incorporates date and small seconds displays.

In spite of its sporting characteristics, the new Portuguese Yacht Club Chronograph represents a Portuguese that is true to type with its consummately neat dial and Arabic numerals. The Portuguese Yacht Club Chronograph is available in three variants: in steel with a silver-plated dial, rhodium-plated luminescent hands and appliqués. Again in steel with a black dial, silver-plated flange and rhodium- plated hands and appliqués, also luminescent. The most refined model in 18 carat red gold has an slate-coloured dial with a sun pattern ground finish, subtly contrasted by the black small seconds display circle and the black ring for the aggregate minutes of the chronograph. Gold-plated hands and solid red gold appliqués distinguish this model additionally. All three variants are worn on a black rubber strap with a folding clasp.