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Diver’s Watch:Do’s and Don’ts

July 28, 2010

Wear a diver’s watch as a fashion accessory

Friends often ask me: what should one see when buying a diver’s watch. There are dozens of men’s diving watches on the market and it’s not easy knowing which one should go for. Before I go for the specifics let me explain what precisely a diver’s watch is.

omega diver's watch

It’s a sports watch produced for under sea diving. Its essential purposes are to log your time below the water and to assist you in a safe return to sea level with the help of decompression tables (if an analog watch). A watch built for diving must be capable of withstanding water pressure equivalent to at least 100 meters deep, be rugged enough to withstand the corrosive sea water and shrug off an accidental blow or two. An authentic diver’s watch must meet a series of standards defined in ISO 6425, a world-wide standard that grants conforming watch manufacturers permission to imprint the words DIVER’S on the watch. While a good diver’s watch may appear expensive but you need to know that it is an ultra-durable timepiece that has been put through a set of much more arduous tests than a standard sports watch. As they simply look terrific a diver’s watch can easily be worn as a fashion accessory when not used as an essential diving instrument.

Things to see in a diver’s watch

  • Water & Corrosion Resistive Watch Case
  • Rotating Bezel (Elapsed Time Controller)
  • Crystal Case: Due to the elevated force incurred underwater, diver’s  watches tend to sport an ultra-thick crystal dial window made of materials like synthetic sapphire, acrylic glass and hardened glass, each with their own set of advantages and disadvantages.
  • Crown: The crown must be unscrewed in order to correct or reset the date or time and screwed back into the water resistance.
  • Helium Release Valve: Diving below 1000 meters is known as “saturation diving” or “technical diving” which are done in chamber with helium rich environment.  A problem encountered in ultra-deep saturation dives is pressure build-up caused by helium getting into the watch. Without a proper venting mechanism, the crystal dial cases would often shoot off due to the pressure buildup of helium within the interior. Manufacturers of saturation dive watches compensated for this by installing release valves to expel the excess internal gas.
  • Bracelet: Most diving watches have rubber, silicone or polyurethane strap or a metal watch bracelet with excess length to permit wearing the watch over the sleeve of a diving suit.
  • Readability: Dive watches must be legible in the low light environment experienced deep below the sea surface.
  • Power Reserve Indicator: If a dive watch is powered by a battery, ISO 6425 requires that it exhibit an End of Life (EOL) indicator to warn of low energy reserve. This is usually handled with a two or four second skipping of the second hand or a cautionary message on a digital watch.

Elegantly functional

July 27, 2010

Ventura watches as fashion accessory

Ventura watches are the coolest watches going around. The digital ones comes with 12 or 24 hour format setting, perpetual calendar with setting of 3 formats, chronograph 24H/M/S/100“-Sec, countdown 24 hour, display back light, EasySkroll® operating system and are water resistance. Ventura’s Kappa featured here was designed by Swiss architect, Hannes Wettstein, and was one of the last timepieces that he designed. Wettstein took Ventura’s watches in a new direction by de-emphasizing its place as a fashion accessory and re-emphasizing elegant functionality. The models below show this new mindset. v-tec Sigma, created by Paolo Fancelli was recently featured in the motion picture Bangkok dangerous with Nicolas Cage.

ventura kappa

Alfred Brodman, Bo Hansen and Günter Wermekes were original designers for Ventura and they influenced the entire world of luxury watches. Bo Hansen’s watch design now sits in the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art, in New York.

Watch Talk

July 23, 2010

Harry Winston’s Talk to Me is an enduring luxury

talk to me

Inspired by Harry Winston’s insatiable obsession with the world’s finest diamonds its Talk to Me collection is a true celebration of these precious stones. In 2009, Harry Winston launched an ultra-feminine new timepiece for women, called Talk to Me. Me. From the modern contour of the oval-shaped case, to the unimagined sparkle of the diamonds when draped around the wrist, the glamorous design is a brilliant dialogue between these exceptional gems and the women who wear them. Sophisticated details – mother of pearl dial, diamond set buckle, satin strap – underscore the enduring luxury of the design.

Expanding the offering of this modern icon, Winston adds to the series a warm rose gold variation, available with three distinctive dials. In addition, a unique Talk to Me wheel is hidden within the case, adding a playful element. Whether adorned with diamonds, or engraved with a special message, secret wish or personal dream, the limitless options allow each wearer to celebrate life’s most meaningful moment in a manner that speaks to their own sense of style. Price: On request

Available at Harry Winston Boutique:  #244, DLF Emporio, New Delhi. Tel: 4660 90 90,

Dior Jewellery Collection

July 14, 2010

La D de Dior watches in 19mm and 42 mm versions

la mini d de Dior gold bracelet

Inspired by the 70’s, La D de Dior was born in 2003 with the tag line “A woman who decides to wear a man’s watch so that she is always thinking of him.” Its classical shape, reliable materials and movements – quartz or Zenith hand wound mechanical wowed one and all. The watch’s cheerful style, precious stones, noble and eternal metals and lacquered finish are marked by the poetic signature of Dior fine jewellery.

La D de Dior has a dual personality in its present avatar. In mini (19mm) or maxi (42mm) versions, it playfully revisits the Haute Couture taste for fairytale volumes. And when it adorns its dial with panther motifs in sapphires or diamonds and black lacquer, it does so in tribute to Mitza Bricard, Christain Dior’s elegant muse.

Dior watchmaking also draws its inspiration from the concept of refined and elegant Couture clothes being as beautiful on the inside as on the outside: such as, for example, the faces of the dials on the cases with their intricate graphic work and tinted sapphire glass that reveals the hidden luxury of the Dior Christal and Chiffre Rouge automatic movements. Price : La Mini De Dior ( steel strap with diamonds Rs 1,478k and La Mini De Dior (gold bracelet with diamonds) Rs 9,30k.

Available at Johnson’s Watch Co    A-12 South Extension, Part-I and Johnson’s Watch Co.,C-16 Connaught Place, both in New Delhi; Watches of Switzerland    231, Link Corner Building, Shop no.2, Linking Road, Bandra(W), Mumbai; and The Helvetica – Chennai Citi centre, No 7, Dr.Radha Krishnan Salai, Chennai

India’s first Watch Awards

July 14, 2010

Luxury watch brands give thumbs up to Watch World Awards

With entries from the famed Swiss brands like Cartier, Panerai, Bvlgari, Harry Winston, Ulysse Nardin, Parmigiani, Hublot, Breitling, Girrad Perregaux to name a few contesting for the maiden “AU Finja Watch World Award 2010” the stage is set for the Indian subcontinent’s first watch awards. The event instituted  by Watch World, India’s leading watch magazine, presents the maiden “AU Finja Watch World Award 2010”, rewards excellence in horology in order to recognize and reward the outstanding work in various departments of watch making and its marketing efforts.

From the “complicated watch of the Year” to “Best Concept Watch of the Year”; from “watch with artistic excellence” to “watch with best design”; from “best boutique” to “best marketing campaign on TV” the “AU Finja Watch World Award 2010” includes 13 product awards and six marketing and merchandising awards.

The jury for the Awards comprises of  Antoine Simonin, Swiss master watchmaker, teacher and author; Chhaya Momaya, grooming expert and socialite; Rohit Bal, leading fashion and product designer; and Padma Bhushan Michael Ferreira, four times World’s Billiards Champion and an ace luxury watch collector.

The award ceremony will be held on August 25 at Surajkund Lake Complex, Claridges Hotel, Delhi.

Celebrating Pop Art

July 7, 2010

de Grisogono watch goes Pop

It’s a decade since de Grisogono’s Instrumento N°Uno appeared in the market and since then has witnessed many variations. Now the same is being revisited with a daring, resolutely Pop Art approach.

Instrumento No Uno ladies

The four designs for women’s watch give pride of place to works of modern art and it is easy to imagine these creations next to the great classics of pop art, namely Andy Warhol or Roy Lichtenstein. A touch of impertinence and a good dose of freshness emanate from the black steel case set with brightly coloured stones, brilliantly matched with shagreen straps and faces enhanced with the same shades. It is a design that embodies a real joie de vivre and makes telling the time always a pleasure. Three shagreen straps in matching colours, enhanced with drops of white gold set with white diamonds, complete this very attractive special edition– the charm of a feminine silhouette wearing such jewels.

Instrumento no Uno men

For him, Instrumento N°Uno takes on a black alligator skin strap perfectly suited to its black matt stainless steel case. An understated and elegant masculine look enhanced with a black lacquered face that sets off the subtlety of the bright and sparkling colours of the pointer, hands and Arab numerals. Green, orange, red… each man can choose the shade that represents him in a style reinvented by de Grisogono. A limited edition of 100 is available in a boxed set of three.

A special anniversary deserves a spectacular timepiece. Here Instrumento N°Uno unveils its full strength and adorns itself with a white gold case exclusively set with 240 white baguette-cut diamonds. The face is fully decorated with 148 specimens of the same gem giving it an understated and precious look and emphasising the dual time zone display, in which the hour and minute hands seem to float on an ocean of baguette-cut diamonds.

In the first version, this true work of art of watchmaking plays fully on contrasts with the flashing black diamond set on the crown offsetting the black shagreen strap. The second version is mounted on a white gold strap set with 362 baguette-cut white diamonds, some of which are even set in the clasp. Price On request.

Available at de GRISOGONO Boutique, Emporio Mall, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi.