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Mobile Marvel

December 6, 2011

With a moving dial, Otturatore gives the illusion that the entire dial changes in the flash of an eye, writes Hiren Kumar Bose

De GRISOGONO has great hopes from Otturatore, a four faced watch with moving dial. Yes, you read it right. The brand feels the watch will demonstrate the Manufacture’s technical savoir faire and allow it to establish its legitimacy and credibility in the world of horology. That’s what DE GRISOGONO CEO Gerald Roden believes.

A timepiece which combines audacity, refinement and modernism, Otturatore’s mobile dial features a sequential display of seconds, date, moon phases and power reserve, with 3 of them always concealed. By a simple manipulation, the sequential mechanism can be displaced by 90° in a few tenths of a millisecond, a speed guaranteed to turn the world of complicated watches upside down. The over-engineered mechanism of the watch can be really amusing and will surely pull in the crowd, if the wearer wants to show off.

A square watch, 45mm wide and about 50mm tall, whether its chunky 18k rose or white gold case, the watch uses a lot of metal. And when the 16mm thick timepiece sits on your wrist, it’s like wearing a rod of gold bullion. But there are many who will be enchanted by the interesting mixture of classic watch style meets angular furniture design concept of the Otturatore.

The wow factor of the moving dial having registered initially, De GRISOGONO’s latest ensures comfort and legibility. There are pushers on the side of the case (similar to chronograph pushers), but they are used to move the dial window around. Under the dial are four complications, but you can only view one at a time.

The watch gives the illusion that the entire dial changes in the flash of an eye. A stealth watch!  In fact, a mechanism moves the dial window that is not powered by the push of your hand directly. The top pusher merely activates a special system that cycles the dial window. The watch has a second mainspring barrel aside from the one for the time. It is wound by “pumping” the lower pusher a number of times. When you then press the top pusher it activates the system that draws power from the second mainspring barrel to move the dial window over a new complication.

Residing in the watch is the novel De GRISOGONO automatic caliber DR 19-89, which features a subsidiary seconds dial, power reserve indicator, moonphase indicator, as well as date. The dial itself is textured and features nicely proportioned dauphine style hands that are in gold to match the case. The dial is available in a few colours as well including silver, ruthenium, black, and brown. Each of these colours is available with the rose of white gold case.

Patented by de GRISOGONO, the Otturatore’s basic feature is a mobile clockwise-rotated dial operated simply by pressing a mechanical pushpiece. The increment of rotation of such a device

depends on the number of complications or indications of the watch; the Ottaratore’s increment of rotation is 90°. While the principle seems simple enough, its design is totally unprecedented: it propels watchmaking technology from the sphere of slow speeds to that of hyper velocities. A true achievement, indeed.

Until now, horological complications focussed mainly on a specific function, usually a matter of actioning a simple sequence of gears or springs. The Otturatore truly embodies another dimension in time. A slight pressure on a pushpiece – whose travel is of the order of one millimeter – is enough to harness enough power to drive the mobile dial by 90° instantly. In a standard mechanical construction, a finger pressing a pushpiece for a brief instant exerts insufficient force to set in motion mechanical components with strong inertial resistance. The Otturatore’s sequential selector can achieve this because it can instantly action the various dynamic functions (controls, connecting and disconnecting operations, mechanical memory, gears and so forth) while taking into account power drain, inertia and friction.

The watch is symmetrical and initially a bit intimidating due to the massive pushers and crown but once it settles on the wrist you don’t notice its presence.



Black Forever

June 15, 2011

de Grisogono’s quartet in black and limited edition

Meccanico dG N09:The watch in titanium with a matt black PVD coating has handwinding mechanical movement, exclusive to de GRISOGONO. It has analogue display of hours and minutes with white dauphine hands. At bottom, it has mechanical digital second timezone displayed by white mobile microsegments. It comes with power reserve indicator and has sapphire glass front and case back. Water-resistant up to 30mts, it has only 10 pieces. Price on request.

” Occhio Ripetizione Minuti” So:The 18K gold watch with a matt black PVD coating is set with 167 black diamonds (1.9 carats). It has black matt twelve-blade titanium diaphragm dial with Arabic numerals in silvered script, dauphine hands in 18K white gold. Hour, quarter and minute repeater strike on three gongs (cathedral strike) with opening of the diaphragm. Water-resistant up to 30mts it is available in limited edition of five. Price on request.

Instrumentino S34 QZ : The 18K gold watch with a matt black PVD coating set with 405 black diamonds (6.9 carats). It has quartz movement with dual time.  The black guilloché dial is set with 312 black diamonds (1.10 carat).  Water-resistant up to 30mts it is available in limited edition of 10 pieces. Price on request.

Instrumento N°Uno DF S41:The 18K gold watch with a matt black PVD coating is set with 184 black diamonds (2.2 carats). The automatic movement  dual time and and date watch with black guilloché dial is set with 147 black diamonds (0.50 carat). It has grey Arabic numerals, grey dauphine-style hands and has crown set with a black diamond (0.10 carat). It is water-resistant up to 30mts. Price on request.

Celebrating Pop Art

July 7, 2010

de Grisogono watch goes Pop

It’s a decade since de Grisogono’s Instrumento N°Uno appeared in the market and since then has witnessed many variations. Now the same is being revisited with a daring, resolutely Pop Art approach.

Instrumento No Uno ladies

The four designs for women’s watch give pride of place to works of modern art and it is easy to imagine these creations next to the great classics of pop art, namely Andy Warhol or Roy Lichtenstein. A touch of impertinence and a good dose of freshness emanate from the black steel case set with brightly coloured stones, brilliantly matched with shagreen straps and faces enhanced with the same shades. It is a design that embodies a real joie de vivre and makes telling the time always a pleasure. Three shagreen straps in matching colours, enhanced with drops of white gold set with white diamonds, complete this very attractive special edition– the charm of a feminine silhouette wearing such jewels.

Instrumento no Uno men

For him, Instrumento N°Uno takes on a black alligator skin strap perfectly suited to its black matt stainless steel case. An understated and elegant masculine look enhanced with a black lacquered face that sets off the subtlety of the bright and sparkling colours of the pointer, hands and Arab numerals. Green, orange, red… each man can choose the shade that represents him in a style reinvented by de Grisogono. A limited edition of 100 is available in a boxed set of three.

A special anniversary deserves a spectacular timepiece. Here Instrumento N°Uno unveils its full strength and adorns itself with a white gold case exclusively set with 240 white baguette-cut diamonds. The face is fully decorated with 148 specimens of the same gem giving it an understated and precious look and emphasising the dual time zone display, in which the hour and minute hands seem to float on an ocean of baguette-cut diamonds.

In the first version, this true work of art of watchmaking plays fully on contrasts with the flashing black diamond set on the crown offsetting the black shagreen strap. The second version is mounted on a white gold strap set with 362 baguette-cut white diamonds, some of which are even set in the clasp. Price On request.

Available at de GRISOGONO Boutique, Emporio Mall, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi.

Iconic de Grisogono

April 12, 2010

Briefly: de Grisogono revisits its iconic models and enhances them in its new collection

instrumento uno

Instrumento N°Uno

For its 10th birthday, Instrumento N° Uno shows up in vividly coloured versions. On the men’s model, the green, red, or yellow colours of the hands, the Arabic hour numerals and the dual time-zone indices are matched by overstitching in the same shade on the alligator strap. The feminine variations lend a fresh and mischievous touch to the curving square case in blackened steel. The green, blue or pink sapphires set on the case frame dials punctuated with colourful accents and Pop Art style stingray straps. These dynamic, playful design elements enliven an iconic model housing a mechanical self-winding movement that drives two eminently useful and pleasantly readable dual time-zone and large date complications.



The flowing lines and harmonious proportions of the Instrumentino express their innate femininity through a new language, that of diamonds and precious stones. Featuring a rainbow spectrum of pink, blue, brown or green sapphires, the dial of this watch epitomising the spirit of de GRISOGONO collections reveals a new facet of its personality through a highly refined burst gem-setting motif. Clothed in this festive garment, the dual time-zone complication beats to the rhythm of a mechanical self-winding calibre, or a quartz movement. This precious watch appears elegantly attired in rose gold, while the more contemporary and sporting chic versions feature steel or PVD blackened steel. It coils gracefully around the wrist with a black, green, blue, white, pink or brown stingray strap matching the gem-setting.

Power Breaker

power breaker

An explosive cocktail of technical sophistication, taut lines and high-end finishes, the Power Breaker chronograph launched in 2005 now draws additional strength from the contemporary aesthetic codes of the Formula 1 motor-racing universe.  While the case boasting a complex four-part construction – bezel, middle, back and crown guard – remains identical to the original, the dial displays an original sporting dynamic. As it lines up on the starting grid of the race into the new decade, its design highlights the two chronograph counters with surrounds resembling those on a Formula 1 racing car instrument panel. The cut-out, green-tinted hour and minute hands further accentuate the model’s streamlined elegance. This mechanical spirit asserts itself within a powerful rose gold case and its name is hand-engraved at 7 o’clock on a high-tech dial enhanced by an aerodynamic piece of precious metal.

Instrumento Novantatre


First unveiled in 2007, the generous volume, sturdy lugs and cambered lines of the Instrumento Novantatre are lit up with a new radiance this year. Its distinctive sporting chic case is adorned with baguette-cut rubies, blue sapphires or diamonds. Their meticulous assembly creates a stunning geometrical effect that creates a striking contrast with the gem-setting on the dial. In addition to the oversized 9 and 3 o’clock numerals and the white gold hands, the dial is finely set with baguette-cut black or white diamonds, blue sapphires and rubies. The result is an exquisitely precious stage on which time is played out to perfection, directed by a self-winding movement indicating the date and months in addition to the hours, minutes and small seconds. To enhance the smooth appearance of these new variations, the curve of the watch, both for men and ladoes, is extended by a strap in pink stingray for the ruby version, in blue stingray to match the blue sapphires, or in black alligator leather for the diamond-set version.

Meccanico dG


Released in 2008 and winner of the “Prix du Public” at the Geneva watchmaking Grand Prix awards, the MECCANICO dG has been treated to a glamorous makeover. Distinctly less sporty and more refined, it is transformed into a precious model featuring delicate gem-setting enhancing the technical appeal of its mechanical movement driving a double analog and digital dual time-zone display. By associating the contemporary design of its brilliant or baguette-cut diamond-pavé case with one of today’s most complex movements, the watch achieves a perfect match between watchmaking and jewellery. Its hand-wound movement comprising no less than 651 parts was hitherto available in six versions issued in limited editions of 177. The line is now enriched with these three new rose gold variations set with brilliant-cut black or white diamonds or baguette-cut diamonds, issued in a strictly limited edition of 20.

All these watches will be soon available at de GRISOGONO Boutique, Emporio Mall, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi  110070

de Grisogono duo

March 25, 2010

Briefly : de Grisogono’s Fuso and Meccanico are two extraordinary watches priced at Rs 2 cr plus

Two dials, two timezones


Frequent travellers and everyone who regularly juggle timezones will surely be taken in by the latest de Grisogono collection, Fuso Quadrato (47mm) which features a totally original display of the second timezone function. A diaphragm mechanism hides or reveals it at will with its pair of distinct but equally handsome dials. The diaphragm’s 12 titanium blades can be either open to reveal the second timezone dial or closed to display only the local time in hours and minutes. At the heart of the watch a self-winding mechanical movement beats at 28,800 v.p.h. and provides a 42-hour power reserve. While the hours and minutes of local time are shown by a pair of centre-positioned hands, the second timezone is indicated on a 12 hour dial by a black frame hand.

The black upper dial’s centre area is satin-finished while its outer zone is fine-grain sandblasted. The de Grisogono-designed hour markers and applied numerals match the case metal color, as does the lower dial, featuring clou de Paris cobbled finish and a chapter inscribed with hour markers and Roman numerals.

Fashioned in 18K pink gold or white gold, its square silhouette’s sensual rounded lines are delicately arched outward in the 6-to-12 axis to hug the wrist closely, aided by the mobility of the strap lugs. The sapphire crystal itself is curved in harmony with the case profile. Water-resistant to 100 feet), the watch comes with a genuine alligator strap fitted with a triple deployment clasp color-matched to the case. Price: Fuso No1 (Pink Gold) Rs at 23,44,000 and Fuso No 2  (White Gold) is for Rs 24,97,000.

Marriage of  the best


Designed to display the time in two time zones, de Grisogono’s Meccanico dG’s ranks as the world’s first watch with a mechanical digital display as well as an analogue face. A single mechanical movement, two time zones, two types of display: the Meccanico dG breaks truly new ground; for the first time in watchmaking history, a digital display and mechanical power come together successfully.

A proprietary de Grisogono calibre, its hand-wound movement comprises 651 components. It offers an analogue display of the hours and minutes on the upper  dial and the digital display of a second time zone on the lower section. The latter features the tens of hours, the hours, the tens of minutes and the minutes. The mechanism is activated via movable micro-segments driven by a set of 23 cams combined with gears plus a triggering and synchronization device.

Meccanico dG  has a power reserve of some 35 hours. The latter is displayed by a hand in a 90° sector on the back of the movement and is visible through a shaped crystal caseback giving a glimpse of the brand’s famous emblematic scrolls. The Meccanico dG is water-resistant to 30 metres and comes in a choice of pink gold, titanium, titanium and rubber, titanium and pink gold or titanium and platinum. A crown at 3 o’clock controls the analogue time display. Two correctors serve to reset the second time zone; the left-hand one controls the hours, the right-hand one the tens of minutes and minutes. The strap is in natural vulcanised rubber and features a deployment clasp adorned with the de Grisogono emblem. The Meccanico dG is being fashioned in a limited edition of 177 watches. Price : Meccanico N06 (Pink gold and Rubber) Rs. 2,11,50,000, Meccanico N03 (Titanium and Platinum) Rs 2,05,63,000 and Meccanico N02 (Titanium and Rubber) Rs 2,00,00,000.

Available at de Grisogono Flagship Boutique, Boutique N211, Upper Grnd. Flr., DLF Emporio, Nelson Mandela Rd., New Delhi 110070. Ph. 91 11 4609 8271.

Diamond by the Hour

January 28, 2010

Breguet Montre Le Petit Trianon

You don’t need to be a goddess, a dream-maiden, a femme fatale, or a Hollywood starlet to adorn a Swiss high-end jewellery watch. But you surely need to have a taste to wear a Breguet or a Cartier! So what if your new acquisition for your wrist costs more than a Bugatti Veyron.

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