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Sorry, Omega

October 22, 2010


abhishek and sonali


Abhishek and Sonali steal the show at Omega Constellation launch of new range

The models sashayed on the ramp with the watches on their wrists, the brand ambassadors appeared on the ramp, smiled for the flashbulbs and camera, replied to queries from members of the press like:

“Abhishek when choosing a product to endorse what do you look in it.”

“Sonali what do you think of  Omega’s Constellation?”

“Abhishek what is your family’s favourite watch?”

“Sonali when did you start wearing a Omega?”

“Abhisek do you exchange your Omega with your wife?”

‘Sonali what do you like in the Constellation?”

The Q&A session at the launch held at Taj Hotel in Mumbai ended with Abhishek leaving the stage with Sonali on his arm saying, “Khana Khake Jana.”

Omega which had flown Jean-Claude Monachon, Vice-President Product Development all the way from Switzerland and is the man behind the new Omega products sadly had no question thrown at him though he waited eagerly for one.

Whoever said that when celebrities take the centre stage the product they are endorse takes a back seat said it right. The Omega’s Constellation launch was evident of the same.

For watch lovers, of whom there was handful, wanting to know more about Omega’s future products from Monachon, he had left by the time the cocktails began.

Omega Constellation new range is contemporary and dressy. Its fashionable designs effortlessly fuse style and technology together, thanks to its supernova, its promise of design superiority and exclusivity.

Pastore for Concord

June 17, 2010

Tweet: Argentinean Javier Pastore for Concord

javier pastore

After Leo Messi for Audemars Piguet  it’s Argentinean Javier Pastore who will sport Concord C1 chronograph at the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Pastore, a very young professional football talent from Argentina currently plays with the Italian Serie A club Palermo. He will play in the Argentina national team during the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

Born in Córdoba, Argentina in 1989, Javier developed his particular playing style at a young age. His professional youth career started in Talleres, the team he was always fan of. In 2008, he joined the first league Argentina team Huracán, but it was in 2009  when he joined the Italian team Palermo that his international career really began. Following a string of good performances in his first season at Italian Serie A level, Argentina head coach Diego Maradona decided to call up Pastore for national squad duty.

Just before leaving for South Africa, Pastore paid a visit to the Concord official retailer Joyería Danfer in Buenos Aires, where he was presented with the latest models of the C1 Collection. After hesitating between various models, his choice finally rested on the stainless steel and white rubber chronograph, C1 Pure.

This C1 Chronograph is presented in a 44 mm stainless steel case made of 53 elements, standing 16.70 mm tall. A metal protective ring coated in white rubber and fixed laterally by 7 self7blocking screws is enhanced by eight decorative elements straddling the bezel. These bastions protect a spectacular 3.30 mm thick sapphire crystal, which literally emerges from the case and displays a 37-layer white fibreglass like dial with its distinctive Concord seconds disk. This mechanical timepiece, holds a self-winding Valgranges movement with a 487 hour power reserve, is certified by the official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC). It is presented on a white rubber strap with folding clasp and is water resistant to a pressure of 20 ATM.

Citizen’s Time Watch

May 20, 2010

Tweet: Citizen’s radio-controlled watch

How about a radio controlled watch? Yes, you read it right.

Citizen’s (Calibre H610) is the Company’s first analogue chronograph capable of receiving standard time radio waves from multiple stations.

citizen's radio controlled watch

A radio controlled watch receives standard time radio waves that are broadcasted from radio wave transmitters and uses these waves to automatically correct the time and date.

The watch is designed to receive standard time radio-waves from five stations including Germany, the U.S.A., Japan (east and west), and China. As a result, it not only offers greater accuracy but added convenience too.

For world time, users can choose from 26 cities and UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). Simply turn the dial disk using the crown to switch the city. Doing this allows you to easily adjust the hour and second hands to the time zone of the city selected.

The pilot’s slide rule dial ring located beneath the glass and the precise 1/5 sec. chronograph symbolise the concept of an elaborate and masculine design that imparts the image of an airplane cockpit.

As the new radio control watch comes with an ‘Eco-Drive’ platform, it keeps running on any kind of light. Whenever exposed to any source of light, the watch charges itself and sustains even when kept in dark for some time. Price Rs. 66 k.

Available at Citizen outlet, T: (022)32648008b


What is Swiss Made?

April 9, 2010

Briefly: Swiss Made watches are assembled, adjusted and subjected to official tests in Switzerland

Often I come across friends, acquaintances and total strangers who ask me what is meant by the term Swiss Made.
A Swiss Made timepiece is one that has been assembled, adjusted and subjected to official tests in Switzerland, according to a European law that regulates the use of the name ‘Swiss’ for watches. Importantly, at least 50 per cent of the components of the movement should be manufactured in Switzerland.

Meaning of Swiss Made label
The words ‘Swiss Made’ guarantees the highest standards of quality and assurance. It includes the technical quality of watches (accuracy, reliability, water-resistance and shock-resistance), as well as their aesthetic quality (elegance and originality of design). The guarantee covers both traditional manufacturing and new technologies.

Represents high quality
The fundamental values of the Swiss Made label not only represent high-quality timepieces, but they also maintain their high standards, giving consumers the best of assurance. The Swiss Made name faces strong competition; however, thanks to the unique infrastructure, know-how, and spirit of innovation, it has succeeded in maintaining its leading position.

‘Swiss Made’ defined by law
A watch is defined as Swiss Made only when it carry the indications ‘Swiss Made’ or ‘Swiss’, or any other expression containing the word ‘Swiss’ or its translation. According to Swiss law, a watch is considered Swiss if:

  • Movement is Swiss
  • Movement is cased up in Switzerland
  • Manufacturer carries out the final inspection in Switzerland

A Swiss Watch Movement is considered Swiss, if:

  • Assembled in Switzerland
  • Inspected by the manufacturer in Switzerland
  • Components of Swiss manufacture account for at least 50 percent of the total value, without taking into account the cost of assembly

Breguet’s Silicon Quest

April 1, 2010

Briefly: The silicon balance spring in Breguet Tradition 7047, unveiled at Basel World 2010 is technologically superior and is more precise, thanks to silicon being totally impervious to magnetic fields

breguet tradition 7047

Balance spring is the most responsive in terms of improvements to timekeeping precision and its performance crucial to the workings of mechanical watch movement. One of a series of vital parts at the heart of the movement, its regular oscillations gives the movement its rhythm and helps regulate the flow of time.

Anthony Louis Breguet conceived the “Breguet overcoil” spring in the year 1795. Two hundred years later it still is the reference in terms of balance spring. A.-L. Breguet got the idea of altering the balance spring’s terminal curve by raising its end and bending it slightly as a way of improving its isochronism. Another Breguet, Louis-Clement, in 1830 sought to prevail over magnetic fields by crafting balance springs in glass instead of metal. Breguet himself had made balance springs in gold to counter oxidation. One such cylindrical spring was fitted in the celebrated Marie-Antoinette watch; its shape was designed to improve considerably its isochronism by repoising its centre of gravity.

Over the years and so much progress in the art and science of horology watchmakers still cribbed about precision. But with arrival of silicon balance spring, courtesy Breguet in its Breguet Tradition 7047 model launched at Basel World 2010.

The balance spring is a very fine coil spring. Usually made of metal, it is vulnerable to shocks, magnetic fields and even the pull of gravity, which can cause warping.

Today, the new Breguet silicon balance spring is featured in the Breguet Tradition 7047 model with tourbillon and fusee-and-chain transmission. Inspired by the design of the first tourbillon-equipped pocket watches devised by Breguet, a platinum version is now available fitted with a movement fashioned in an anthracite-toned metal alloy.

What are the advantages of  a silicon balance spring?

  • Technologically superior
  • Needs less oil
  • Is more precise
  • Totally impervious to magnetic fields
  • Yields to a broad variety of shapes
  • Is lighter than metal and thus less prone to deformation
  • As components fashioned from silicon are subjected to a special process it greatly improves their resistance to handling and shocks

de Grisogono duo

March 25, 2010

Briefly : de Grisogono’s Fuso and Meccanico are two extraordinary watches priced at Rs 2 cr plus

Two dials, two timezones


Frequent travellers and everyone who regularly juggle timezones will surely be taken in by the latest de Grisogono collection, Fuso Quadrato (47mm) which features a totally original display of the second timezone function. A diaphragm mechanism hides or reveals it at will with its pair of distinct but equally handsome dials. The diaphragm’s 12 titanium blades can be either open to reveal the second timezone dial or closed to display only the local time in hours and minutes. At the heart of the watch a self-winding mechanical movement beats at 28,800 v.p.h. and provides a 42-hour power reserve. While the hours and minutes of local time are shown by a pair of centre-positioned hands, the second timezone is indicated on a 12 hour dial by a black frame hand.

The black upper dial’s centre area is satin-finished while its outer zone is fine-grain sandblasted. The de Grisogono-designed hour markers and applied numerals match the case metal color, as does the lower dial, featuring clou de Paris cobbled finish and a chapter inscribed with hour markers and Roman numerals.

Fashioned in 18K pink gold or white gold, its square silhouette’s sensual rounded lines are delicately arched outward in the 6-to-12 axis to hug the wrist closely, aided by the mobility of the strap lugs. The sapphire crystal itself is curved in harmony with the case profile. Water-resistant to 100 feet), the watch comes with a genuine alligator strap fitted with a triple deployment clasp color-matched to the case. Price: Fuso No1 (Pink Gold) Rs at 23,44,000 and Fuso No 2  (White Gold) is for Rs 24,97,000.

Marriage of  the best


Designed to display the time in two time zones, de Grisogono’s Meccanico dG’s ranks as the world’s first watch with a mechanical digital display as well as an analogue face. A single mechanical movement, two time zones, two types of display: the Meccanico dG breaks truly new ground; for the first time in watchmaking history, a digital display and mechanical power come together successfully.

A proprietary de Grisogono calibre, its hand-wound movement comprises 651 components. It offers an analogue display of the hours and minutes on the upper  dial and the digital display of a second time zone on the lower section. The latter features the tens of hours, the hours, the tens of minutes and the minutes. The mechanism is activated via movable micro-segments driven by a set of 23 cams combined with gears plus a triggering and synchronization device.

Meccanico dG  has a power reserve of some 35 hours. The latter is displayed by a hand in a 90° sector on the back of the movement and is visible through a shaped crystal caseback giving a glimpse of the brand’s famous emblematic scrolls. The Meccanico dG is water-resistant to 30 metres and comes in a choice of pink gold, titanium, titanium and rubber, titanium and pink gold or titanium and platinum. A crown at 3 o’clock controls the analogue time display. Two correctors serve to reset the second time zone; the left-hand one controls the hours, the right-hand one the tens of minutes and minutes. The strap is in natural vulcanised rubber and features a deployment clasp adorned with the de Grisogono emblem. The Meccanico dG is being fashioned in a limited edition of 177 watches. Price : Meccanico N06 (Pink gold and Rubber) Rs. 2,11,50,000, Meccanico N03 (Titanium and Platinum) Rs 2,05,63,000 and Meccanico N02 (Titanium and Rubber) Rs 2,00,00,000.

Available at de Grisogono Flagship Boutique, Boutique N211, Upper Grnd. Flr., DLF Emporio, Nelson Mandela Rd., New Delhi 110070. Ph. 91 11 4609 8271.

Watch them!

March 17, 2010

Briefly: Celebrities as brand ambassadors create a buzz

sachin tendulkar and audemars piguet

Do celebrities help sell products, and in this case watches. No one can say for sure that they do. But what they are able to do I’m sure help in creating awareness about the brand. Being popular faces their association brings in the zing factor or the buzz. In a market where hazar brands are trying to vie for attention or eyeballs it does make a sense to make Shahrukh Khan brand ambassador of Tag Heuer. Thanks to SRK and his magnanimity–giving away watches to his Kolkata Night Riders of IPL or a singer in a reality show Tag Heuer does get mention in the press.  But the same can’t be said of master blaster Sachin Tendulkar’s association with Audemars Piguet.

svetalana zakharova and audemars piguet

Though Sachin has been with the brand since long ordinary folks are not well versed with AP. Interestingly, Sachin is the most searched Brand Ambassador.

Brands engage only those celebrities who have the staying power and Sachin has proved it for AP. It would be interesting to know why the Swiss luxury watches has not yet roped in Big B despite his immense popularity. May be the age is against him. But then oldies like Gorbachev and Sean Connery have endorsed Louis Vuitton. It could be that Big B, the brand has spread himself so thinly endorsing cement, hair oil, face cream, chocolate et al and now Gujarat has lost the tag of exclusivity. But then SRK has done the same. Well, well age, I feel is in SRK’s favour.

lewis hamiton and tag heuer

In India where celebrities come from either movies or cricket, how come Swiss luxury watches has not yet got hold of  Akshay Kumar or Saif  Ali Khan. Or Sehwag for that matter. A not-so-well brand like Sonata (from Titan Group) snapped Dhoni before even the big brands could spell D-H-O-N-I. Tissot did the same with Deepika Padukone before she could even become worthy of the gossip columns. Last year Chronotech, an Italian watch brand roped in Kareena Kapoor as its brand ambassador and splashed Mumbai with KK’s commercial in two sizzling get-ups — a Cat Woman and a Mermaid look.

aishwariya rai bachchan and longines

While another Italian watch and jewellery conglomerate Morellato & Sector SpA, whose brands include Sector, Philip Watch, and Roberto Cavalli and the iconic Miss Sixty strapped their watches on the wrists of Preity Zinta and Neel Nitin Mukesh. We all know that Aamir Khan’s favourite brand is Titan.

While cricket and Bollywood movies are staple diet of an urbanite (and rural too), thanks to liberal coverage in the media, many of us are not aware that ace golfer Jeev Milkha Singh is the brand ambassador of Rolex, a brand popular among generations of Indians.

For that matter did you know that ballet dancer Svetlana Zakharova is an Audemars Piguet brand ambassador?

di caprio and tag heuer

That musician and fund raiser Sir Bob Geldof, Justin Rose, an extraordinary golfer who defied all odds by going pro at just 17 and  Jimmy Wales, the incredible internet entrepreneur , who founded Wikipedia  are brand ambassadors of Maurice Lacroix. Geldof, Justin and Wales are the celebrities behind its  “Follow Your Convictions” campaign.

Still can’t understand why brands have not yet snapped our music wizard A R Rehman?